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What are the hours of the Las Vegas Marriage License Bureau and where is it located?

Las Vegas Marriage Bureau Hours Open Daily, Monday - Sunday 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 (Midnight) Including Holidays Location: 201 Clark Ave. Las Vegas, NV. 89101

What is the cost of The Marriage License?

Cost of license is $60.00, no blood test or waiting period.

Do I have to make reservations to get married at one of your locations?

Yes, all of our weddings are performed by appointment only. We ask that you give us as much notice as possible but we understand that sometimes you just can't plan that far ahead, and we are used to making last minute arrangements also.

Can we reserve the time and date for our wedding ceremony?

Yes, but we cannot guarantee it until you actually book it and we send you a confirmation via e-mail or phone contact. If the time you choose is unavailable, we will book you as close as possible to your original request. The earlier you book the better chance that you will have of getting the time you desire. Once you have been confirmed, you are scheduled for that date and time.

How do I know if the time I booked online is O.K.?

If the time you have chosen is unavailable, your e-mail confirmation will have the closest time available to your original request. If the difference is more than 1 hour, a wedding coordinator will contact you to make sure the time is o.k.

I've been divorced, do I need to bring any special paperwork with me?

No, you do not have to bring any special paperwork with you to obtain a marriage license. All you will need is to know the date, and city or county that the divorce was finalized in

Do we need to get another Marriage License to renew our vows?

No, you don't need another Marriage License to renew your vows. A Renewal of Vows Certificate will be given to you free of charge from the chapel.

How much should I donate to my Minister and tip my Limo Driver?

Well, everyone is different. But as a general guideline we suggest to our clients to give $50.00 and up for the Minister and about $40.00 for the Limousine Driver. Some people give more or less, but this seems to be about average.

I am under 18 can I still get married in Las Vegas?

Minor applicants, ages 16 or 17 (not yet age 18): Must have consent of a parent or legal guardian. Minors will need an original or certified copy of the birth certificate which lists the name of the consenting parent. (No photocopies of documents may be accepted.) Legal guardians are required to present a certified copy of the court ordered guardianship papers. (No photocopies may be accepted.) A parent or guardian is required to have acceptable identification to prove they are the parent on the birth certificate or the legal guardian on the guardianship order. If it is not possible for the parent or guardian to be present, an original, notarized statement in English must be presented with the certified copy of the birth certificate or a certified copy of the guardianship order at the time of the issuance of the marriage license. The notarized statement should contain the parent or legal guardian's full name, relationship to the minor, minor's full name, birth date and the statement that the parent or legal guardian gives consent for the minor to marry. All documents must be in English or translated into English by a notary. A person less than 16 years of age may marry only if either parent or legal guardian files an action, pays all court fees as provided by law, and presents a court order, from a Nevada State Court, authorizing the Clerk to issue the marriage license. Applicants should contact an attorney to prepare the documents.